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Who's Who

Meg Pryor
Meg, a 16 year-old who has the chance to be a dancer on Dick Clark's locally produced American Bandstand, is at the center of the story.
J.J. Pryor
JJ chose the Marines over a college football career and is being sent to Vietnam.
Patty Pryor
Patty, argumentative and outspoken, creates tension in the Pryor household as she becomes a teenager.
Will Pryor
Will is the youngest member of the Pryor family. He is recovering from polio and a controversial surgery to help him walk again.
Helen Pryor
Helen is a woman who is rethinking her role as a wife, mother and a woman. She is affected by the changes in society, and her questions, choices and struggles impact the life of her family.
Jack Pryor
Jack, the traditional family patriarch, owns an electronics store. His views of the world are challenged by his children and his wife as they confront family issues in the turbulence of the 1960s.
Roxanne Bojarski
Roxanne is Meg's best friend. She is a person who challenges the rules, is willing to try new things, and is a loyal friend.
Henry Walker
Henry works for Jack Pryror, as the manager of a new electronics store. He recently lost his wife, and is challenged by raising his children in a time of increasing awareness of civil rights. He frequently clashes with his son Sam.
Sam Walker
Sam struggles with what it means to be a black man as he confronts his father's views of the world, increased civil rights activism in his neighborhood and his friendship with Meg.

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