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Welcome to the American Dreams Education Website

Based in 1960s Philadelphia, American Dreams is a television show that revisits issues that resonate with today's families. The program centers on the lives of the Pryor family as they struggle with a changing world and confront friendship, racism, civil rights, the changing role of women, politics, and family relationships. The series features contemporary musicians as guest stars who portray classic 1960s icons on the set of Dick Clark's American Bandstand program.

Teachers & Students
This website contains lesson plans and activities for middle school and high school classes use based on a variety of themes highlighted in the American Dreams program. These include topics such as family relationships, friendship, love, war and peace, sibling conflicts, school, courage, diversity, grades, and heroes. The interdisciplinary materials will focus on the content areas of language arts, social studies, and the arts. This innovative project provides an exciting classroom resource designed to engage students' creativity and imagination. All educational materials are correlated to national educational standards.

How Can You Use this Website to Support Your Curriculum?
  • To supplement a history/social studies unit on the 1960s
  • To promote connections between music, history, and culture
  • To enhance students' literacy skills
  • To introduce civil rights
  • To develop media literacy skills
  • To introduce the topic of popular culture
  • To supplement a history/social studies unit on Vietnam
  • To support students' creative responses to media through reading and writing
  • To supplement a unit on peace and conflict resolution

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